Referral Program

Now, everyone will earn and make connections

References Build Trustworthy Connections 

References act as a bridge of trust, forging reliable connections between individuals and businesses.

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True Earnings 

If you refer someone to us, you will receive a 10% commission based on the product price. Additionally, the person you refer to will receive a 5% discount on the final price.

For Example:

Let's use an example to calculate the correct amount.

You referred 50 people to us, and out of those, 30 of them booked an order for a wedding couple portrait illustration priced at 2000 rupees each. So, the total value of the orders would be 30 x 2000 = 60000 rupees.

Your commission is calculated as 10% of the total value of the orders, which means 60000 x 10% = 6000 rupees.

Therefore, you would receive a commission of 6000 rupees for referring 30 people who booked orders worth 60000 rupees in total.
And the customer will receive a FLAT 5% DISCOUNT on the final price. 

We believe this referral program creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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