About us

About us

The Rise of The Studio

In a small town, there lived a young boy named Swapnil who had a passion for drawing. From an early age, he would sketch colorful worlds on paper, bringing his vivid imagination to life. Swapnil's love for drawing grew as he got older.

Swapnil enrolled in a Polytechnic diploma, hoping to pursue his passion in the technical field. However, he soon realized that the mechanical subjects were not his strong suit. Feeling disheartened, he made the difficult decision to leave engineering behind and explore other options.

He found solace in the world of computers and decided to pursue a degree in Computer Applications (BCA). While studying, he stumbled upon the booming field of Graphic Designing and felt an immediate connection. Swapnil immersed himself in learning graphic design and specifically focused on UI/UX design.

With his newfound skills, Swapnil began applying for jobs in the design industry. Despite his best efforts, he faced rejection after rejection. Doubt started creeping in, and he questioned whether the absence of a degree or certificate was hindering his progress. Seeking validation, he enrolled in a Visual Design institute to further enhance his skills.

Armed with his determination and self-taught expertise, Swapnil finally landed a job in a design company. However, he felt underappreciated and overworked, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when remote work hours stretched longer without any additional rewards.

Feeling unfulfilled, Swapnil decided to leave his job and embark on his own entrepreneurial journey. He invested in a Graphic Tablet and discovered his talent for digital illustration, particularly in vector portrait illustrations. Immersed in his craft, Swapnil experienced a sense of fulfillment he had never known before.

To improve his skills and find inspiration, Swapnil turned to various resources such as books, podcasts, and motivational videos. One day, he created a stunning portrait illustration as a heartfelt gift for his cousin's wedding. The couple and guests were amazed by his talent, filling Swapnil with joy and confidence.

Motivated by this experience, Swapnil decided to start his own illustration business. He meticulously built his portfolio, designed logos and business cards, and established a presence on social media. Despite initial setbacks, he persisted and slowly gained customers who appreciated his unique skills.

As his business grew, Swapnil never forgot the loss of his younger sister. On Raksha Bandhan, he created an illustrated portrait as a tribute to his sister, a lasting memory for his grieving parents. This act of love and remembrance brought him solace and gratitude.

Swapnil's success continued to grow, despite facing challenges and initial rejections from businesses. He remained resilient, working tirelessly to establish his reputation and gain clients. With his newfound success, Swapnil dreams of opening an offline studio, where his customers can experience his illustrated prints and frames firsthand.

Reflecting on his journey, Swapnil realizes that life has been a series of twists and turns. He has learned to trust in himself and his abilities, knowing that his passion will guide him to unimaginable heights. Despite the uncertainties, Swapnil remains confident that as long as he follows his creative heart, his dreams will become a reality.

To be continued…

Meet our team

Swapnil Dewasthale

The Founder & Digital Artist

Swapnil, our visionary in the realm of digital illustration, transforms concepts into captivating visual creations. He crafts scenes alive with stories yet untold. 
With Swapnil, your visions become more than real, an artistic journey with him is an unforgettable memory.

Sagar Khare

The Sketch Artist & Consultant

Sagar, a maestro in the realm of sketch artistry, infusing life into paper with every pencil whisper. Each stroke births vibrant narratives through lines, shades, and textures. Your boldest visions metamorphose into tangible masterpieces, as Sagar's artistic expedition crafts enduring memories that linger through the ages.